Why Did Trump Get Elected?


It's easy to say that Donny got elected because he inherited $800 million from his father and built that into a $200 million business empire and somehow managed use that to run for president.  But wait, Michael Bloomberg spent way more than that and got dumped in the primary; so, it must be more complicated than that. 

I think the best way to explain it is to tell the story of a hypothetical Congressional Candidate, let's call him Marvin Miraculous...

Our candidate has raised a modest sum to run for Congress and has a small cadre of dedicated volunteers.  So he contacts a campaign consultant to advise him on the run for Congress.  The first thing the consultant tells him is that he will have to raise at least a million dollars if he expects to win.  And by the way, he can hire the consultant to help him raise the money. [Does anyone besides me see the conflict of interest here?]  So Marvin hires the consultant and puts in 40 hours per week fundraising with some campaigning and talking to voters on the side.  In fact, he raises more than a million dollars and wins the election.  Now, he is the Honorable Marvin Miraculous and he's got it made -- or so he thinks.

But then the consultant tells him "You will have to spend at least 30 hours per week fundraising if you expect to keep your seat."  So, being a true follower, Marvin dives right in and goes to the little cubical down the street from the capital building and starts making more phone calls.  So now, we have a US Representative, with arguably one of the most prestigious jobs on the planet, spending 30 hours a week in a little cubical calling up rich people and telling them, "Your country has a virus!!!  Give me your credit card number and I will fix it for you!" 

And now, onto this stage walks the perfect clown -- Donald Trump.  And he fits in perfectly.  If this was on stage at the Shubert Theatre, we would all be rolling in the aisles, wouldn't we.

And there you have it:  Donald Trump was elected because we turned our government into a farce.

The way to fix this is to stop voting for the money!